summer 2020

Fresh and delivered weekly throughout Copenhagen. When we partner with chefs and restaurants we designate production to meet your weekly needs. Consistency and quality are important to us, and because we try not to bite off more than we can chew, available spots are limited. Please contact us if you are interested in working with our mushrooms and would like to try a sample box.



Pleurotus ostreatus

This is not your common oyster mushroom. After numerous trials with different genetic variants of this classic mushroom, we have found our favorite (by far) in our Blue Oyster. Whats more, the genetics come from the wild. While commercial spawn producers promise their genetics are superior and often offer patent protected perks like no spore mushrooms, we have found that in this case, mother nature does it better. This mushroom is characterized by its thick texture and meaty taste. It lacks the long tough stem which is characteristic of so many other oyster mushroom varieties.


Pleurotus Hybrid

Our search for interesting and exotic genetics has lead us to this amazing oyster mushroom variety, the aptly named, Black Pearl Oyster. What the Japanese call Shimofuri Hirotake, is the result of a breeding program combining the European oyster mushroom with a Japanese variety which has resulted in this short and thick phenotype with dark pearl coloring on the cap. This thick and meaty mushroom has an amazing texture and consistency throughout, with an amazing umami flavor that is so characteristic of this species.



Pholiota adiposa

This wonderful mushroom variety is not only stunning in its aesthetic, but also provides a depth of flavor which is truly unique. One often runs out of words when trying to describe the flavor of mushrooms and, often out of a lack of imagination, refers back to foods like meat for comparison. Yes, we too reproduce this behavior, and in this case would describe this mushroom as having a crab-like aroma when hitting the pan with a beef like spicy flavor when it hits the tongue. Sounds good huh? Well, when you try it yourself you will realize how limited our current vocabulary is on the subject.


Hericium erinaceus

This mushroom is otherworldly in both appearance and taste. The texture is soft and resembles everything from ground beef to lobster (here we go with the meat references again) and the flavor is a juicy walk through the woods in the fall. While its worth checking out the amazing health benefits this mushroom provides, its also a must for everyone interested in a truly unique gastronomical experience.



Grifola frondosa

This mushroom is our favorite (probably of all time) and we are not the only ones. Maitake, which means dancing mushroom in Japanese, apparently refers to the dance that monks would do when they chanced upon these mushrooms growing in the woods, lets just say, we can relate. When we see these beauties growing in our farm we too do a little jig. The flavor resembles seafood but somehow goes way beyond with a rich nutty complexity. The texture is crisp and meaty. There is no reason to be euphemistic, this mushroom is truly exquisite.


Flammulina velutipes

This mushroom is another wild variety, in this case, taken directly from a local forest near Copenhagen. A favorite for soups it is versitile and adds a rich flavor to any plate (or bowl). This variety is golden yellow and is grown with a technique which promotes a long stem and a small cap. In nature, they are often found growing off of the sides of dead trees in the winter time and have a much shorter stem and broad cap.


Not a restaurant? Don't worry, we gotta little something for you too. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing mushrooms for pick-up!